Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The STUPIDEST thing I've read this season...

Quoting one of the morons at goal.com

However, with my anti-Peter Crouch glasses on I’d say that firstly Benitez is going to stick by all 79 inches of the player as he tries to get over the embarrassment of paying £7m for the player, which I only assume he did when under the impression Liverpool were about to receive a shed load of money from Chelsea for Steven Gerrard so he might as well sign any English player he could get his hands on.
What an idiot!


Blogger Dipto_14 said...

Hey Ritwik
Somehow, we will never get rid of the Crouch criticism. All the morons, with a half wit, and an even lesser knowledge of football, will always pick on him, because of his height, gangly nature, and lack of goals.
He is NOT our 20 goals man. But he will create 25, on and off the ball. I sincerely believe that England won against Argentina because of him. He gave Owen that little breathing space, because the defenders were all guarding him, when Gerrard and Cole put in the crosses. He is invaluable that way.
The comparisons to Heskey are also rubbish because he has a great touch on him, and does amazing link up play. The cross he gave to Gerrard in the Aston Villa game is an example.
The only thing I might agree with is that we paid 2-3 million a tad too many. I think we should have got him for 4 million tops. But it's the English market, and Crouch had just come off his best season. I guess we were very unlucky that way.
Crouch is a very good player.
Those assclowns at goal.com can say what they like, but he just made his way to the 2006 English squad.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Ritwik Roy said...

It was really stupid what was said. He was bought way after Gerrard confirmed that he was staying with Liverpool, or way earlier. I don't remember clearly, but the 2 incidents did NOT coincide.

The price tag... Well I'm looking at it from a different point of view. From Harry Redknapp's! I have great respect for him. I think he's an exceptional manager - the way he revived Southampton's season with almost no money was incredible. He has an eye for cheap, talented players. There was a reason why he wasn't willing to let Crouch go for 4 or 5 even though the Chairman and the player would both be satisfied with the outcome -- He saw something in Crouch and was willing to let go only when he was compelled to. So, I believe it wasn't a very steep price for a player whom I rate very very highly.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Ritwik Roy said...

who Harry and I rate very very highly.. :p

8:22 AM  

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