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Why is the English media always anti-Liverpool?

First, I would like to qoute an article by a 'pundit' from Sky Sports. Article recieved from

Tim Hobb writes...

"At last I am starting to get to grips with what Rafa Benitez is doing at Liverpool and whatever arguments you want to throw at his door, the results speak for themselves.They have won five on the spin and are in fourth and it is hard to argue against that. By now the league table doesn't lie and for the vast majority of clubs they are in a true position, but I am still not entirely convinced by Liverpool.Yes, they have put a decent run together, but with all due respect to the likes of Sunderland, Aston Villa and Portsmouth, they are games you would expect Liverpool to win. They haven't played any of the big guns recently and only then will we see just what improvements Rafa has really made. The last time they were tested against a top side they failed badly against Chelsea.Maybe I am being over-critical, but I just get the feeling the results have camouflaged a few minor problems - and I don't just mean Peter Crouch's goalscoring.Djibril Cisse seems to have become an irritation and the way events have broken down over the past seven days tells me one thing: he is on his way out. Whenever I have seen them, Cisse has been one of their better players, but for some reason Benitez doesn't see that and has pretty much told him he can go when the window opens up. He will still play the odd game, but even though Crouch is having his problems and Fernando Morientes is still not reproducing the form we know he is capable of, those two seem to be the front pairing. Benitez is being stubborn and digging his heels in - and how many times have we seen the top managers do that?....."

Now, in this article, what I want to argue about is the first piece. About games against Sunderland, Villa & Portsmouth be 'givens' from the beginning. I really do not know what the english media wants. Would losing all the games to the bottom 14 of the Premiership, and winning all against the top 6 prove that we are a good side. Everyone in the league knows that not even one game is easy. Hell, look at Palace in the Carling Cup. Look at Doncaster knocking out Villa and Manchester City. There are no easy games.

On top of that, these were the exact games that we weren't winning last season. And being blasted for it by the same 'pundits'. There were so many examples: double at Birmingham, away at Everton, Boro, City and so on and so forth. And now we are being accused of failing against the BIG teams. And on the other hand, last season, our players always stood up for the 'special' games. One only has to look at Arsenal, Olympiakos at Anfield and all the other Champion's League games against Chelsea, Juventus & Milan. Were they not BIG teams?

Let's analyse that, shall we? BIG teams in the Premiership would include Chelsea, Man U & Arsenal. We have played once against Man U and drawn, twice against Chelsea, one draw and one loss, and played nothing against Arsenal, and won't until the wee months of Feburary. Is this really good criticism? I think not. The one thing they cannot deny is the fourth spot that now belongs to us. And after a very tough game on Sunday, in which I think we will come out victors, and if other results permit, we can even climb to third.

To put another thorn in the great 'pundits' logic, if we win all the games barring one against Chelsea and Man U, and the two at Arsenal, I am pretty sure we will not be lower than fourth. As for others, which one would you take: wins against 16 teams, or wins against 3? Three points is three points.


The website is a great website for football information. But it's very anti-Liverpool too. I think it's run by a whole lot of Mancs.

Q: What would happen if Manchester United got relegated?
A: Chelsea would have 60,000 new fans.



Blogger Ritwik Roy said...

Really nice post. Agree with you completely. Rafa (and Paul Tomkins, whose weekly column on the official site's a must read) has been trying to tell the fans all season long that we must 'improve'. There has been a special emphasis on 'progress' and matchwise comparisons with last season.
Last season we lost to City (away), this season we won, lost to ManU at home, this season we drew, and almost EVERY game we have played, there has been an improvement (or if we won last season, we won again this season). We have conceded goals in 3 games only! That is outstanding! The goals are flowing now.
Among the English clubs, Liverpool's had the longest season so far. It started with the first qualifying stage of the CL. And now we're going to Japan. We have had a brutal fixture list. Before this week Rafa was adamant that this week would show all fans how much we've improved (or not). 8 days and 3 games, with 2 of them being away matches. We have got 9 points out of 9 ( I think) and it is the biggest sign thus far that we have improved.
I hope this improvement continues and I've really stopped caring about what the English and the stupid ESPNStar pundits have to say about it. They don't understand why Rafa is the manager of LFC, why he has won 2 La Ligas, the Champions League, and the UEFA Cup in the span of 4 years managing in 2 of the toughest leagues in Europe with a shoestring budget (compared to the 'top' teams).
The future is looking really bright! We're in 3rd spot now!! AMAZING!

4:30 AM  
Blogger Dipto_14 said...

Exactly my point. These pundits are so silly for the mere fact that they say that Crouch played well for the first time against Wigan because he SCORED. That is so stupid and lacks fundamental footballing sense. Crouchy has been one of the fundamental reasons for our improvement because he gives something in the league which very few teams have. Rafa has a similar game plan with regards to Chelsea and Milan. In those formations, it usually vibrates between 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 and 4-5-1. Rafa has learnt from last year that a simple transition from 4-5-1 to 4-3-3 doesn't work in the premiership, unless you have really, really good quality aka Drogba, Cole, Robben, WrightPhillips etc. He has learnt to make it 4-4-2 too. That is a huge improvement. Like all brilliant coaches, he has built from the back. Although when Reina comes out to punch the ball, he gives me a heart attack, the improvement with regard to Dudek is there for all to see. Our strikers are improving, and I sincerely hope Cisse is not offloaded in the winter. But there is little bit doubt because I am pretty sure either Pongolle or Cisse is going to leave. And interest for Cisse from Marseille is always withstanding. Again, I don't think we need wingers too, with Zenden, Garcia, Kewell and now Gonzalez. Simao will be surplus to our resources. A center back on the other hand is in dire need. Let's hope Rafa buys intelligently over the break.
And here's to us thrashing Boro and becoming the world champions.

2:49 PM  

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